“I have suffered from TMD since I was diagnosed in my 20s during medical school (I’m now in my 60s) I have had major surgery on my jaw and jaw joints and seen multiple specialists over the years. I was referred to this practice by my general dentist. Dr. Kushner and her team have done more to help me with this problem than any other professional I have seen. She is thoughtful, caring, and compassionate, and her team echoes these same traits. When I first established care with this office, I was convinced I would never be comfortable or be able to eat normally again. The treatment plan and appliances I have been using have been nothing short of miraculous. Although I will never have a normal bite again, I have attained a level of comfort and function that I am very happy with and should serve me well for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend this office enough and offer a rating of 10 stars out of 5!! One bit of advice I would give to my fellow TMD sufferers; don’t let anyone tell you this is “all in your head”. This condition is very real and can be very debilitating. The only way TMD is “in your head” is in the fact that the TM joints attach to the base of your skull. Good luck to all of you!!”

Steven Floerchinger MD, FACS

Marcell Stringer
03:53 05 Feb 23
Easy to schedule an appointment and they responded within 24 hours each time I contacted them. Everyone I spoke to was kind, considerate and respectful. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their sleep habits
Becky Shepard
16:50 22 Jan 23
Professional and courteous interactions from each staff member, from the first phone call to being fitted for TMD night gear. Everyone is nice, polite, patient, and thoughtful. Dr Kushner offered thorough education about my condition, as well as patiently answered my questions. In addition, the office seems nicer than the previous location in Poulsbo in my opinion.
Marna Butler
01:43 18 Jan 23
Great staff and Dr. Kushner is the best! Knowledgeable and thorough.
Debra Burt
01:14 12 Jan 23
Excellent experience-my apnea issues and treatment options were explained well. Next steps made clear. Looking forward to resolution of my sleep challenges.
Jan Mier
02:41 31 Dec 22
everything good except the goo in my hair haha
Sky Eichler
03:43 06 Dec 22
Office was bright and filled with Christmas cheer. Staff was friendly and welcoming! They made me feel valued as a person instead of a number. Very appreciated.
Janet Hobart
11:32 01 Nov 22
I'd give them 10 stars if I could! Never have I been so grateful and impressed by a clinic and every employee/professional there.I found them by googling TMD, and from my initial call requesting an appointment, to the completion of my session with Dr. Kushner, I felt well cared for. The clinic itself is beautiful and new. The staff from receptionists to Dr. Kushner, were all helpful, fun, interested, knowledgeable, professional and took time with me in a way that is way out of the ordinary these days.I walked out having learned a lot, feeling well heard, with a treatment program that made sense and Is solving my problem. I hit the jackpot! You can, too.
Michael Stringer
13:31 13 Oct 22
They were very polite and made me feel at home, and made sure I would get the best care possible
Ward Scott
01:00 05 Oct 22
Dr Kushner was thorough in examining me for the cause of sleep apnea. Alternative treatments were presented with no pressure to choose one over another. The entire staff was great.
Erynn Fletcher
22:26 05 Sep 22
I am excited to try an alternative to a CPAP machine. The staff was welcoming, knowledgeable, and professional.
Umberto Vizcaino
00:58 01 Sep 22
Great experience- The sleep apnea device is very effective. The services provided by Dr Kushner and her staff made the whole experience easy and practical.
Sharon Brooks
03:03 09 Aug 22
Their expertise and knowledge along with the friendliness and compassion.
Marla Easterly
01:57 09 Aug 22
Dr. Kushner and her Staff were recommended to me by my Dentist, who also uses TMD & Sleep Clinic. It was great advice I'm glad I took! Everyone in Dr. Kushner's office is knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and personable. I have never had anything but a five-star experience there.
Joe Rempe '80
15:20 25 Jun 22
The TMD Clinic was great. The appliance eliminated my snoring right off the bat and my wife is thrilled. Thank you Dr. Kushner & Staff!
Shanele Ramsey
00:26 11 Jun 22
Very kind and professional staff. Very clean facilities.
Jason Groll
00:44 07 Jun 22
Very professional
I felt like I was in good hands
Dr was very deliberate and all the staff seemed to have total faith in her ability and the product
I feel hopeful!!!
Robin Harrison
20:04 10 Mar 22
Everyone is friendly and helpful. I went in with a very painful jaw. Nancy relined my appliance and put on new rubber bands. Dr Kerchner gave me injections inside and out, 20 minutes to half hour my pain was gone. Thank you"
Robert W
20:18 14 Feb 22
Very impressed by Dr. Kushner and her terrific team! I now believe that after suffering from mild but chronic sleep apnea condition for more years than I can remember...there is indeed hope!Could never tolerate CPAP machines ever. I truly believe a dental appliance device is my best hope and looking very hopefully to it alleviating my condition.Dr. Kushner's book is absolutely superb. Have already recommended to a fellow sleep apneac' to acquire this text. For that matter, I will highly recommend the book to anyone that is afflicted with this condition.Thanks!Robert P. Wholey,LtCol, USAF (Ret)
David McClarin
20:35 18 Jan 22
Very professional. Had a positive experience.
Nathan Mann
17:43 16 Jan 22
My new oral appliance works great. Don’t snore anymore, and sleeping so much better.
Erin Williams
01:47 12 Jan 22
I just love this office! Everyone is always so nice and helpful. I highly recommend them.
taylor collings
01:00 12 Jan 22
Dr kushner, Victoria,Brenda and her other staff were very professional and thorough. I am excited to get my new appliance. Taylor collings
Teresita Dominoski
00:59 12 Jan 22
Friendly, helpful, professional
Kate Lane
18:56 13 Dec 21
Dr. Kushner and her team are miracle workers. After years of jaw pain and continued struggles with my bite—she found a way to fix it! Haha, I wish I could explain more in medical terms, but that is not my area of expertise. All I know is that she treated me like a real person, and her team exemplifies excellent customer service. I suppose that’s normal with a dynamic and caring leader. Thank you.
Ehab M. Taha
19:40 11 Dec 21
Very professional and friendly, loved the whole visit,thanks guys
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